You must give 60 days written notice if you do not plan on renewing your lease, as stated in the Landlord Tenant Code.  The notice commences on the first day of the month after the notice has been received.  We may conduct showings of your unit before you move out and we will give you advance notice of these showings.

Change of Address

We encourage you to file a change of address form with the USPS before you move out We are not responsible for your mail after you move out.


Notify all of the utility companies of the change.

Moving Day

You are responsible for removing all furniture and personal items from our unit.  Any items beyond normal trash pick up may require you to schedule a special pick up from the garbage disposal company.  It is your responsibility to thoroughly clean the unit.


You must return the unit to us in the same condition, less normal wear and tear, as when you rented it.  We will inspect the unit with you and review the move in checklist.


Please return all keys, including any mail box keys, to your Property Manager.

Security Deposit

You must provide us, in writing, with your forwarding address.  If applicable, we will mail your refunded security deposit to that address.  The security deposit MAY NOT be substituted for your last month's rent.