Old New Castle

The great thing about New Castle is that it's all real, not a colonial Disney creation. It is where you'll find great examples of colonial, Dutch and Federal architecture that are actually lived in by 21st century people, going about there daily lives as people have been doing in New Castle for quite a long while.  Find out more about Old New Castle

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Smyrna has everything – location, a strong community, the perfect blend of rural and urban and so much more.  It used to be a sleepy town you passed on your way to somewhere else.  Now it is a great place to stop and stay.  Find out more about Smyrna  

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Trolley Square

The hippest place in town – that's Trolley Square.  A long established neighborhood, Trolley Square has improved with age offering entertainment, recreation, economic opportunities and a broad spectrum of cultural institutions.   Watch Video


As farmers having been doing for generation in Middletown put down roots.  A great example of a classic colonial town Middletown has retained that charm while incorporating what we need for live ability in modern times.  Learn More

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